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Tuesday, January 25th, 2005

Time:11:53 pm.
Anyone still read this....out of curiousity.

If so... soleilde_minuit=new LJ.
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Wednesday, March 24th, 2004

Time:11:11 pm.
Its time yet again to change journals. I have come to believe that it is important to start new memories with each new era of your life. My deadjournal and this journal will now be archived as nothing but meer memories of what used to be. I think I'll update from time to time with a friends only cover to protect some of my inner most thoughts from any new random people I won't deem as true friends. My new name is jailcellwhisper. Take patience in me since I am too preoccupied to deal with it right now. I will keep it updated but as for looks I have a feeling it shall look like a disaster zone for some time. Thank you for staying with this period in my life for so long.

.b r a n d o n.

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Time:2:23 pm.
Class went well today. I feel like death however which is never a pleasant experience on a day such as today. I have much work still to be done and little desire to move from my post here at my computer desk. I will be motivated soon enough though.

The sweetest perfection to call my ownCollapse )
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Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004

Time:7:17 pm.
Three classes down, three to go. Stats was the usual boring blur of numbers and a myriad of ignorance. Cult. Anthropology wasn't too bad. We had to act out skits and I got to play a foul mouthed drug dealer. Anytime I can call a "cop" a prick and start oinking in a public vacinity is rather enjoyable. Lauren is in some class until 9:15 tonight though so now I find myself having two hours of nothing to do. Maybe I'll finish my reading which I really need to do.

I'm bored and please have pity on by soul.
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Time:2:30 pm.
I was talking to Lauren last night on the phone and we both fell asleep on the phone. Its official, we've hit the level of disgustingly cute. Thank God I woke up before 5 so it didn't start charging my day time minutes, then perhaps it would have actually been disgusting, but not so much in a cute way. That about sums up anything that happend yesterday. I have to read 22 chapters of a lame ass book by wed and I read up through chapter 15 yesterday. Its all fun and games until I realized the other 20 chapters have to be read by Mondays class. Not a big deal one would say until you come to realize that Thursday I have a HUGE test to studay for and over the course of the weekend I will be working and visiting family. How am I supposed to finish the book?! I need an extra day in here some where.

Anyways I have class in an hour and need to get some random things done.
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Monday, March 22nd, 2004

Time:11:31 am.
This weekend was rather boring. I spent the entire time working with the exception of Sat. afternoon when I attended Alicia's funeral. It was good to see everyone again I suppose even though I knew only a small few in the vass majority of attendents at the funeral. Outside of work and the funeral though the weekend was bland. I didn't really hang out with anyone at all with the exception of the one night Jimmy came over to my house to talk on the phone to some girl. I don't really understand why he couldn't have done that at his own house. Oh well though.

I got in a fight last night with Lauren about God. Apparently it was a bad thing to say that a potential fight over God was ridiculous. We're better now though which is good because if a fight over God were to disturb the sweet serentiy of our relationship than it would have been time to second guess the heading of our futures.

I have to go to class now. Enjoy Coke-A-Cola.
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Wednesday, March 17th, 2004

Time:2:35 pm.
Everyonce in a while its fun to see how much one has changed in three plus months.Collapse )
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Time:1:09 pm.
Happy St. Patrick's Day. Tonight I drink for Alicia.
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Tuesday, March 16th, 2004

Time:9:44 pm.
Spring break came to a halt today, and it came with a very loud screach that ripped myself back into the reality of life. The only thing to look forward to from this point on is the summer time and Lauren's spring break. Over all Spring Break was magnificent. I spent most of the time working at the theater with the same ignorant idiots that have always worked there...in one form or another. I hung out with some old highschool friends, thank god for Tuesday night bowling, and some new friends. The majority of the time was spent talking about cars or Lauren so it was great.

Lauren and I are officially going out now. Weird ey? Things are moving so fast, but then again we've been friends for quite some time so its more natural than anything. <3 for her.

I went out to church with my dad on my own will. Its time for me to start reconciling with him.

For the official thought process that triggers this journal entry I would like to state that we all need to realize what we have and not take it for granted. I would like to take this moment to officially thank all of my friends for always being there through my best and my worst. If I have ever offended any of you in ways you have not brought to my attention I am 100% sorry and I hope we can move past what ever trivial animosities lay between us. As for the screaching halt to my spring break, we will all forever miss you Alicia. You were a great friend of mine in the short time that I knew you. I know you are in a much better place probably laughing at all of us who are still stuck on earth. I'll never forget you or how you stood by my side when I needed you the most, nor will any one who ever knew you.

R.I.P. Alicia Nicole Bennington

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Thursday, March 4th, 2004

Time:4:21 pm.
One more class until Spring Break. Yay. I got an 88 on my Stats exam. Yay. I don't have to work this weekend. Yay.

/j/e/l/l/o/ is my anti-drug.
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Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004

Time:5:56 pm.
I'm essentially done for the week. I've taken all my midterms and gotten all essays taken care of. I have two classes tomorrow but they wont be any thing.

I can't wait for spring break. Two classes and I'm there. I don't really have anything planned except for a lot of sleeping, but its a week of much needed sleep. Although, I do sleep a lot here. I don't know. I've been acting weird lately according to a few people and I haven't really noticed it until the past 24 hours. I don't know what it is but I'm determined to get to the bottom of it.
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Tuesday, March 2nd, 2004

Time:10:58 pm.
I finished two of my exams today and I'm almost finished with my essay thats due tomorrow. One essay and one midterm until I'm on Spring Break kind of sort of. I can't wait.

I talked my differences out with Jimmy. Fun possibly? I think so.

Talking to Lauren. Got to go.
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Monday, March 1st, 2004

Time:4:56 pm.
Mohawk officially fixed.

Good day mate.
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Time:2:21 pm.
How do words possibly describe this weekend? Well I can think of one. Boredom. Jimmy and Billy were supposed to go camping so I was looking forward to a nice weekend with out fag and fagger. Friday night I did nothing. I went to the mall for a small period of time and bought Snatch and the soundtrack for it. Both are very good by the way. After that I went on a quick Walmart run to by flipflops and hair dye. They didn't have any hair dye that was usefull though. It was a failure of a trip. I went to the theater for a few seconds to figure out why they didn't give me any hours but that was useless. I got a paycheck though so hurray.

Saturday I made a trip to my grandmas. Good food, good visiting. I went to Tim's after that only to find out that Jimmy and Billy were back. Hurray? I think not. We had to go to Livingstons with them and that slut bag Nikki from a few months ago because thats what Jimmy wanted. Tim and I watched them play for a bit. Rather boring. The highlight of the night was when Nikki left with some other guy she met in the parking lot. I wonder if my point of her being a two dollar cumdumpster will be taken into consideration now. Probably not. After Livingstons, oh me and Tim left early, we went back to his house. I called Lauren and was trying to have a decent conversation with her until Jimmy and Dan thought they were bad asses and tried to box with me. I grabbed a knife and tried to castrate Jimmy but he moved away to fast. I was so close. I got really pissed about how immature they were being when I was on the phone with her. What can I expect though. Jimmy has no life and his only friends are his uncle and the uncircumsized sweedish kid. Jack asses. I left Tim's house and talked to Lauren until like 4:30. Good times.

Sunday I had to work. Is it bad that I begin to hate god and old people more and more each day "The Passion of the Christ" is out? I don't think it is. Amanda and I were on door so we had to deal with 700+ old people's shit about how they don't like standing. Get a fucking wheel chair you old fucks. Anyways work got over with relativly quickly and surprisingly Josh and myself resisted the tempations to commit ritualistic suicide in the middle of The Passion.

I came home and typed an essay for Comp that was actually decent then went over to Tim's house trying to find Jimmy.

Oh did I forget to write about Jimmy and what I found out about him? Apparently he had been talking a lot of shit about me to Maxine...his g/f...well she told me because she's pissed at him. So I told her that he told me he had her whipped. The funny thing is she's breaking up with him and I'm the only person that knows. Well Russ knows now because I think he might read this. RUSS! if you read this don't tell anyone because this is my joy! She also told me to rub it in his face too, but never let on to what it exactly is...for instance "jimmy, I know somehting about Maxine you dont' know...sucks bro.."

Oh well thats all for now I have a couple of midterms to get studying for.
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Friday, February 27th, 2004

Time:12:18 pm.
I had an excellent conversation with Lauren last night. Things are going really well right now. I can't wait for Spring Break.

Last night I walked into my Social Problems class and to my surprise there were three K-9 units, complete with dogs, as guest speakers that night. I really didn't have much interest in how they train the dogs to sniff out extasy so I started dazing off and looking at the dogs. I remember one thing from Kalahar's class that if you can establish eye contact and not break it you have dominance. I figured I'd try that on Conan, the dog they called the "aggresive alerter." Conan is the Alpha dog, he is the only dog worthy of anything. When I made eye contact with me he tried to rip my head off. He literally jumped at me from 5+ feet away and the cop had to pull back with all his weight so the dog wouldn't tear my face off. Lesson learned: Don't try to establish dominance with German Shepards trained to bight the crotches off of people that run from the cops.

I had a pretty good time last night. This kid Robert and I split a 12 pack and we had like 30 minutes to kill it off because him and Eric were going downtown. I had a nice little buzz going the rest of the night. I know I ran into Phil at one point and he told me he was really wasted. So I turn around and when I turn back around he was gone and I still haven't seen him yet. Drunk adventures are his thing though. He probably is wrestling crocidiles.

We decided it has been much too long since we have seen a cop down on our side of campus, outside of the routine drive by's they do a few times a day. Phil and I established its due to the fact we haven't had an awesome party in a really really long time. Plans are under way.

I'm so stoked FSF found a new lead singer. Yay. You say YAY too!
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Thursday, February 26th, 2004

Time:5:13 pm.
What happens when you start liking your best friend more than a friend? What happens when the boundaries of a friendship based relationship are being tested and neither party knows whats going on? Is it really such a horrible thing to wonder how far you can go with out the bond of friendship falling under fire? I'm not sure how to respond to either of these. I know nature takes its course over all people and the best way to live is one day at a time. I don't know what today has in store for me though. I'm horrified about that and yet excited all at the same time. Life is good when spring air brings new and beautiful relationships and oppurtunities.

"If I had a dollar for everytime I was in love, I'd have a buck 50...51...52...53...54."

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Wednesday, February 25th, 2004

Time:10:43 pm.
I saw the Passion of Jesus Christ tonight. Very good movie. It had parts that were more drawn out then necessary, but over all a great movie for one that ruins the acting career of one of the best actors of our time. I especially enjoyed how no previews were spliced into it. Very enjoyable.

Where is Lauren?!
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Time:2:15 pm.
I had another one of those monsterously fucked up dreams again last night. This time a ghost that lived in some closet was decapitating people. Definetly not as horrifying as the previous nights dream, but still ridiculous none the less. I'm getting sick of death dreams. I had another one that I was in SRQ and it was really good so I suppose the forces balanced out.

This rain is so seriuosly awesome. I didn't have class today so I got to sleep in and every time I would wake up the rain would put me back to sleep. Why can't it be like this everyday? I'd get annoyed with it rather quickly I suppose, but I'm in such a good mood today that nothing in the world can phase me right now. Its rather enjoyable.

I need to start working on my essay thats due Monday. Well, only the rough draft is due Monday so its not going to be that big of a deal. The topic is rather vague, but I do believe I can manipulate my thought processes enough to produce something I can pass off as a rough draft.

I want to go back to Walmart so I can have more fun with Mr. Taliban-man. Its really hard to have fun in this city unless it involves uncertain death threats from minorities. However, taking into consideration that the city is ridiculously full of minorities every day should be a fun filled one. I should start venturing outside of this campus more often...heh, no I shouldn't...silly Brandon.

I need to take a shower.
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Tuesday, February 24th, 2004

Time:12:22 pm.
I had a dream last night where almost every body in the world died. It was weird, the only time I felt 'sad' in my dream was when I was watching my neighbors dog go through out their house looking for everyone only to find no one. I wonder if that says something about me. I'm sure there is some extreme psychological meaning behind the dream, but I can't grasp even the slightest ounce of clearity from it. Any psych majors out there?
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Monday, February 23rd, 2004

Time:7:35 pm.
Today has been such a fun filled day. I went to class like a good child and turned in my paper on "A Doll House" by Henrik Isben. What a good play.

After that Philip, Genine, and I went to Walmart where we were attacked by a member of the American Taliban. You see, he ran a stop sign and we felt like pointing that out to him. Thats apparently cause for assasination in Afganistan. So he followed us through the parking lot. After many failed attempts to through him off by turning the worng blinker on Philip decided to start jumping medians in his 1980 handicap van. The Taliban Man's car couldn't jump the medians but he kept following us anyways. Talk about determination. We thought we lost him by going to the Chic-filla drive thru, but he caught up with us. Philip jumped out of his car and started smacking his ass screaming "You know you want my hot sweet ass." This inraged Mr. Taliban Man. He then told us he was going to get his clan of camel riders together and put a 'cap in our asses.' He even went as far as to stick his middle eastern finger gun out the window and pretend to shoot us. Jolly good times.

In Walmart we all pretended to be Scottish tourists. That was even more fun because the black children in Walmart knew nothing of this other culture since American's love forcing us to study black history all month long. Why isn't there a Scottish history month by the way? We bought many good things, like an 83 cent toy police kit with a strippers mask. Oh, and we were going to buy a plunger because all Scottish people need a plunger, but we accidentally left it in the underware isle.

After that we went on a fun filled adventure to Publix which wasn't nearly as fun filled as we expected. No use for commenting on this.

Upon returning to our fortress...i.e. K-3...we had a water balloon fight in which we attacked Crazy Legs and Genine. I still don't know how to spell her name. I should figure that out. After our insane water balloon fight we perfected my police costum so now I can sit in the parking lot here on a drunken night pretending to radar people with a hair blower.

After completing the police uniform we had Chris take pictures of me beating up Phil with a Maglight. It was all fun and games until Chris wanted me to stick the Maglight up Phil's ass. Then it got weird and 70's porno music started playing down the hall. That really didn't happen, but needless to say it was weird.

That about wraps up today. I have homework to do right now, but I'm much more ammused with this growingly long post that I have begun.

I still haven't been able to come up with a topic for this week's LJ essay I wanted to compose. I have a few ideas but nothing that has drastically stuck out in my head.

This is all for now. I will write back later if I pull anyone over with my hair dryer.
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